Main dc superheroes

main dc superheroes

This is a list of superpeople in DC Comics. Contents. A; B; C; D; E; F; G; H; I; J; K; L; M; N; O; P . Navigation. Main page · Contents · Featured content · Current events · Random article · Donate to Wikipedia · Wikipedia store. A list of every character that can be found on the DC Database. With over 10, characters in the DC Universe, this is the most complete listing in existence. This is a list of superpeople in DC Comics. Contents. A; B; C; D; E; F; G; H; I; J; K; L; M; N; O; P . Navigation. Main page · Contents · Featured content · Current events · Random article · Donate to Wikipedia · Wikipedia store. main dc superheroes The first animated superhero movie was superman. In another tale, "Speeding Bullets", the rocket ship that brought the infant Superman to Earth was discovered by the Wayne family of Gotham City rather than the Kents. I never really liked Superman that much and I never really knew why, it's just whenever I see him he's always saving the entire world from a bald guy he could just throw in a jail cell and he couldn't do anything about it. Battle for Metropolis , Justice League: Do you prefer Flash over Batman or Green Arrow? But it's the modern incarnation most fans remember. Like Batman, He Doesn't Need Superpowers To Be Badass.

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How These DC Superheroes Should Really Look Especially when portrayed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Similarly, some characters use technology to enhance their armor or modify cybernetic functions, for example Steel , Cyborg and the Cyborg Superman. Awesome character, and Arrow made him even better! This was explained by the fact that in Earth's distant past Martians experimented on humanity, severely culling the metahuman potential; this means that a species that was meant to have a wide range of powers, like Tamaranians or Kryptonians, ended up "just Plus, thanks to Nolan's trilogy and Arkham games, he has been spreading through media faster than any other heroes. Imprint September — June DC Comics characters Superheroes by publisher. Please introduce links to this page from related articles ; try the Find link tool for suggestions. There are a few intelligent races living on Earth that the public at large did not know about until recent times. I do LOVE Nightwing Though. Spectre More Fun Comics. I mean, come on! The Convergence crossover officially retconned the events of Crisis after heroes in that series went back in time to prevent the collapse of kosten bei edarling Multiverse.

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Navigation menu Personal tools Not logged in Talk Contributions Create account Log in. A role model, icon and hero without a cape, Lois Lane strikes blows for justice and peace in her own highly effective way—wielding truth and information as the ultimate weapon. I mean, come on! Young, optimistic and best friends with the Man of Steel, Jimmy Olsen captures pictures worth a thousand words as a photojournalist for The Daily Planet. And with so much of the DC Universe being overtaken by darkness and despair during the Forever Evil storyline, it's all the more important to remember those heroes who have defended it all this time. Awesome character, and Arrow earn a lot of money fast him even better! Will Magnus who constructed the Metal Men and Professor Ivo who fabricated Amazo and other advanced androids using a form of Nano-technology developed by Lexcorp. Some like Batman have their histories left largely intact, though compressed, while others were given wildly different histories and looks. In the Golden Age, Jay Garrick Flash was one of the first superheroes, but after WWII people didn't really care about superheroes that much punching Hitler wasn't cool anymore. Interaction Help About Wikipedia Community portal Recent changes Ares download kostenlos deutsch page. J'onn J'onzz had to watch his family, his people, and his entire Martian culture burn down before his eyes. This versatile power allows for all manner of superhero adventures, from mind-bending sci-fi to swashbuckling adventure.

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The Flash either Barry Allen, Wally West, or Bart Allen has been at the center of every major DC event in history, and the history of The Flash is pretty much linked with the history of DC itself. The character was created by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster, high school students living in Cleveland, Ohio, in But rather than wallowing in misery to the end of his days, the Martian Manhunter made a second home on Earth. I think he should be in the first place rank. Within the Multiverse, the main DC Universe has gone by many names, but in recent years has been referred to by "Prime Earth" not to be confused with "Earth Prime" or "Earth 0". He can kick batman's ass Alfred is awesoeme V 5 Comments. Rebirth mini-series as examples of the basis for the initiative, which has been described as a rebirth of the DC Universe.